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The U3A (University of the Third Age) movement in Australia is a loose collection of local U3A organisations who all support the general aims and directions of providing life-long learning opportunities for their members in their ‘third age’ using the skills of their members gained during their ‘second age’.

The Third Age refers to the period of time after the First Age of childhood and the Second Age of employment and parental responsibility, often called “the age of active retirement”.


Bushwalking – who could ask for better scenery?

Why U3A?

A U3A is a university in the original sense of the word: that is, a community of people devoted to learning and whose members are in their Third Age.

Who can join U3A?

Although it is called a ‘university’, being in your Third Age is the only qualification needed to become a member. No educational qualifications are required or given. Those who teach and those who learn are all members of U3A.

How is a U3A run?

U3A members organise their own activities by drawing on the skills of one another. Like-minded members from all walks of life are encouraged to form study groups and share their knowledge with fellow members, all on a voluntary basis. U3As all over Victoria share the same philosophy but each is autonomous and develops its own character. Each U3A’s program of educational and recreational activities develops from the interest of its members and the resources of its community.