Birds We Saw 2019

Hi Birders and followers,

Each year I have tried to present a summary of the bird species which we have encountered in our various trips. The consolidated list for 2019 is attached as a .pdf file. This year’s total for 17 outings is 133 species, up from 123 last year. As usual, the bird species are listed in taxonomic order, as they are in field guides. My thanks to Linda, Bill and Denise for providing lists for each trip.

Looking through the list, I find it impossible to name just a few highlights, as there are so many; I hope each of you feel the same. I hope that you get the same pleasure out of our trips as I do.

Our regular activities will resume in February, and I will try to circulate a draft program before then. If you have thoughts about or suggestions for the year’s program, we would love to hear them.

One concept which I ask that you consider is one or two overnight trips. One suggested target would be the Western Treatment Plant at Werribee, where we could also visit other places such as Serendip, Lakes Lorne, Lonsdale and Connewarre, and wetlands in Geelong. Another is Echuca plus Moama, Mathoura and Barmah, and possibly Terrick Terrick NP and Kow Swamp.

Have a great festive season, and tell me about any good birds you see.

Cheers,  Ian

Birdlist 2019


2019 bird outings

bakers gully jan 11

Mt Buffalo feb

Porepunkah 11 mar

Birds March 19

Cherry Walk Apr

Sea Eagles

Birds BBQ May

Eldorado 27May

June 10

Winton Wetlands June 24

Bakers Gully Aug

Warby Aug

Yellow Robin

Cherry Walk






Lake Buffalo