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Convenor: Janette Ford
Phone: 5755 1533

When: 2nd Thursday of each month 3.00pm-5.00pm

Where: Various Venues – that is, peoples decks!!  Contact Janette for the latest venue.

Come and share in some social action on the decks of Bright, you won’t be disappointed!

Our Deckers group is just so much fun.   When it was first instigated .. 2010 I think.  There is a core group who have been coming along since then.  Because of the flexibility of our group there are sometimes 8 people, sometimes 24 people joining the group.   It is a BYO everything group which means drinks, chairs sometimes, some nibbles if you feel like it.  Hosts will provide coffee and tea .. all good there.   It means that nobody has to RSPA .. you just come along, or you don’t. Nothing is expected, whenever someone offers their home/deck/grass under the trees .. it is always appreciated.  NEVER expected, ALWAYS apprecited.   When someone offers their deck/home/grassy spot, they really don’t have any obligations.  It is very casual, seriously.

To some people this group may not seem to be important, it may not fall into the category of “education”.   I believe that it is a very important part of U3A and the community generally.  It gives people the opportunity to socialise, to enjoy the company of other people … some of whom have similar interests.   Some of whom do not … but hey, how else do we learn about what is going on around us in our wonderful community.  How can we know what interesting lives some of our lovely Deckers have lived?

We are so lucky to meet so many interesting people, from all types of backgrounds, from different cultures and I thoroughly enjoy each and every Deckers group that I can get to.  Don’t get to them all, just enjoy it when I can.


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